About InfiRay®

IRay Technology Co., Ltd. concentrates on developing and manufacturing thermal imaging technologies and products with completely independent intellectual property rights. IRay is committed to providing global customers with professional thermal imaging products and solutions. The main products include IRFPA detectors, thermal imaging modules, and terminal products.

With R&D personnel accounts for 47% of all employees, IRay owns 605 authorized and accept intellectual properties: 478 authorized and accept patented technologies in China (including integrated circuit chip, the design and manufacture of MEMS sensor, Matrix III image algorithm and intelligent precise temperature measuring algorithm), 12 authorized and accept patented technologies overseas, 78 software copyrights, and 37 integrated circuit designs.

IRay products have been applied in various fields, such as disease prevention and control, industrial temperature measurement, surveillance and fire protection, outdoor observation, automatic driving, IoT, AI, and machine vision.